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 Post subject: New user, and new to GIMP - planning a editor app
PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:40 pm  (#1) 
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Hi, my name is Veek and I am new to GIMP. I've been reading the manual and a book (Klaus Goelker). I then plan to learn Inkscape and PyQt. I came to this site via Jolie's YT channel - did a google search because I thought she was awesome (funny Nordic accent, clear presentation) - however I read she had died, and I found this a little confusing and therefore decided to do some more reading of gimp instead of immediately posting.

I'm looking for a study partner, and a place to ask my myriad questions on image processing. I hang out on Freenode #hardware almost 24/7 so I am very reachable.

I am familiar with all the tools, layers, masks, alpha channel, RGB model, histograms (channels, levels). I WAS confused on the whole layer/image/canvas idea but after MUCH persistence, that is fairly clear now.

I'm unclear on a whole lot of other stuff - HSV <--> RGB interaction. I totally suck at compositing a picture - looking at an image and figuring out how to do it, before actually doing anything. I'm also clueless about the GIMP API so scripts are currently out of the question (i know Python somewhat). I need to figure out how people get a specific effect - drop shadows are simple but eg: age/use wrinkles on a photo, or paper thickness are harder to do.

Anyway.. right now, I am wading through Goelker and making notes.. in my rather awful handwriting.. It's been 9 or so days in total..

If anyone feels like hanging out in #gimp on freenode, that would be nice (i don't talk a lot except to ask a whole lot of stupid questions that a careful analysis of the manual would void).. any suggestions on reading material, specific to techniques in image processing, would be happily lapped up :p

(darn, that should have been 'an editor app' - Ooo!)

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